Gecko Foot On Glass

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There is a gecko that eats bugs on my window screen almost every night. His name is Bugsy Siegal. Anthony named him after the Chicago gangster. He arrives at about 8:15 PM and leaves before 9:30 PM. He doesn’t like any movement near him. If there is movement, he leaves.
He sat stationary in one spot, while he was eating, for a month or so. Lately he has been moving and going after bugs nearby. I’d guess I became aware of him about 3 months ago.
My son had two geckos some years ago. They were what is called crested geckos. They look similar to miniature dinosaurs.
He kept them in a waterless glass aquarium with a lid on it. One of them got sick and died. The other one lived 3 or 4 years. He said they would bite, if they felt threatened. But, he said their bites didn’t hurt.
He fed them crickets; and baby food on occasion. He would feed them baby food on his finger, and they would lick the baby food off of his finger.
He bought them on the Internet. I saw one for sale for $90 on the Internet. They are shipped overnight and the shipping is $46.
The tail of a female gecko is shaped like an hour glass; the male’s tail isn’t.
  • Geckos make chirping sounds.
  • They can walk on the ceiling. They have thousands of tiny hairs on their foot pads, which makes it possible.
  • Females can reproduce without a male.
  • They can see in color in low light.
  • Some of them change colors.