Give Me Your Tired and Your Poor; Warning! If You Are Rich, Stay Away

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We should put a warning sign somewhere near the statue of liberty, or on the statue of liberty; Warning! If You Are Rich Stay Away.
This country is possessed with wealth redistribution. Why not be truthful about it?
The president  is a devotee of wealth redistribution. Congress was committed to wealth redistribution. They have hit a bit of a snag though. The voters rejected some Democrats November 2,  2010. I don’t think the Supreme Court has reached that point, but they did approve of the confiscation of property in the Kelo case in New London Connecticut. Finally, a major segment of the population supports wealth redistribution.
Obama gave us Obamacare, which the “rich” are supposed to pay for, and there are other things, which he has in mind.
Congress recently wanted to take some “rich” peoples money to build a memorial to John Murtha. $10 million earmark for “John P. Murtha Foundation” There were tons of earmarks in that bill, and I believe some Republican earmarks. Thank God Senator Spector is gone, he utilized earmarks.
If I was in a foreign country and had wealth, I would think twice about moving to the United States.
If I was wealthy, like some of the Rockefellers, I would be considering moving out of the United States. Many of the oil companies have already left the United States, and Ford has moved many operations overseas. Ford recently moved a factory in Michigan overseas.
The last place I would want to settle in in the United States is New York, California, or Michigan. I have mentioned only three, but there are more places I would not go.
Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina are in financial trouble. California is a basket case. The private sector is being fleeced by the Democrats in government, so what does the public do? They put a Democrat fleecer in charge; Jerry Brown. California had a $800,000 Democrat city administrator in Bell, California. I had to dig to find out that all the city officials in Bell, California are Democrats. The city administrator is gone, but the huge benefit liability to public employees in state government remains. It doesn’t take a genius to figure these things out; I’m a Dumbass. It will be interesting or disturbing to watch how these things work out.