By owlsview
New Power
There are a lot fewer deaf ears out there now than there were two years ago. Apathy is being replaced with anger and determination. The American voter has more power now than in decades. Consider that both parties just took a thumping in the recent election. Yes, both parties. There are many Republican incumbents or party picks who now finds himself on the outside looking in. Without President Obama this wouldn't have happened. His blatant attempts to force his Socialistic agenda down the American people's throat while they were struggling to survive served to make many more people want to become aware of what was really going on, not just on the hot button issues but in many areas of government often overlooked.
Don't Celebrate
Now when somebody says that something isn't important or just doesn't matter alarm bells go off. Why doesn't it matter? Who is it unimportant to? What are you trying to hide?
Many Americans have yet to realize this new found power that Obama has given to the citizens It really is only a small bit at this time, but it can be used and expanded. There is no cause for celebration however. Obama finds the need to convince people that he is changing his stripes as a chance of lulling us into a false sense of security, don't fall for it. In a move to show his willingness to listen and cooperate with Republicans he just announced a government wage freeze. The Republicans were going to do it anyway. Obama just wanted the headlines and a chance to touch up his image.
Over the weekend government entities seized and shut down several web sites. Hey they went after frauds and schemers nothing wrong with that is there? Not on the surface. They also set a precedent for unannounced seizing and government censorship on the web. Open a door under the disguise of good actions, then use that open door to exercise even more controls.

The Obama administration is still quite dangerous and must be watched even more closely these next two years. Scrutiny will give us even more power and better protection from a lame duck President with a dangerous agenda.
Many thanks to President Obama for the kicks in the gut and the slaps to the face. Stay on his ass people and his administration will become known for bringing change to our country. Restoration of the power of the people.
Even a bad President can do good things for his country.