Wolfman World View: WHO CAN YOU TRUST?



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I think there was a time, when the United States trusted Britain. We had reason to keep D day a secret. D day was successful.

Contrast the trust then, with the trust now. If you were Britain would you trust a United States President, who had Churchill’s bust removed from his office? Even after Britain requested that the bust be placed at a different location, like the Senate Capitol building, the request was ignored. [1]

[1] Google Dinesh D’Souza Churchill bust


Poland has had problems with interaction with the United States. There was a time when Poland viewed the United States as a model. I don’t think Poland trusts the United States like they did at one time. [2]

[2] Missile defense system in Poland scrapped


I just happen to correspond with a citizen of Norway. There has been a United States embassy spying scandal there. My own opinion is that the United States has been arrogant and condescending in their actions regarding the spying scandal. [3]

[3] Eric the Read


How about relations with Israel? Mixed messages have been sent. Netanyahu was snubbed, publicly and deliberately.[4]

[4] Google Netanyahu snubbed


Finally, I can understand how a person could become disillusioned with trust in these times.
My wife has a low threshold of trust, and I don't blame her.
I have been very fortunate; I trust my wife, to whom I have been married 57 years. Many years ago, I signed a document giving her general power of attorney. She could handle any business transaction on my behalf. The document is in effect to this day, as I write this. She would have been able to sell our house, take all money from everywhere and leave.
I jokingly said that I was considering taking away her power of attorney. She was devastated.
Generally, I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to. This has caused some problems, but it has not changed my mind.
I communicate with a man in Texas. I live in Arizona. I trust the man in Texas implicitly even though I have never met him physically. My wife has doubts; not for any particular reason, it's just her nature.

In God We Trust
Someone bigger than us is in charge. He will deal with those who can't be trusted!