Jobs Lost



An Example

Ford closed a factory in Minnesota. 750 jobs were lost. The former employees have no vote to deny Ford anything. Ford has simply vetoed their power by moving the plant out of the country.
The UAW no longer receives union dues or anything else from these workers. The UAW is deprived of funds from those workers to give to politicians, among other things.
The USA no longer receives revenue due to the economic activity of those 750 workers at the Minnesota plant. The state and local government no longer receive revenue due to the economic activity of those 750 workers.
Ford is in business to make a profit. Ford can make a profit by closing down plants in the USA and moving them out of the country. The flip side of that coin is; Ford can lose profits by acceding to the wishes and demands of the UAW.
Ford is making a profit.
Union supporters have been outsmarted.

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