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Radical in Chief

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – June 28 –
The first twenty pages of “Radical in Chief” is on Google books. All you have to do is click on the link to read the first twenty pages. It’s free.
The author has been writing about Obama during and since the 2008 campaign. He covers quite a few periods of Obama’s life from a child to the present in the twenty pages.
I’m not trying to sell this book; I am trying to provide free information about the person, who wants to be elected in 2012.
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    The president and socialists in general are secretive.

    Obama attended a meeting in honor of the Karl Marx’s centennial.

    Obama’s connection to ACORN, The Midwest Academy, Wright, Ayers, and Cone is in this link.

    “Piecemeal transition to a socialist world” are words, which appear here.

    In February 2010 John C. Drew reported that Obama was “a pure Marxist socialist” at Occidental College.

    Obama’s efforts at health care reform date back to 2003. He worked with health care advocates of broadly socialist conviction.

    “The political romance gives no evidence of having ever ceased”

The Greek Parliament will vote today and tomorrow on austerity measures.

Palin is in Iowa

Beck is leaving Fox