Attention: The Big Bluffer(D), Bob Casey(D), et al(D)

obama call bluff

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 20 –

I don’t normally send email to my representatives, but I’m going to send one to Bob Casey(D), with a link to this article.

Rick Santorum(R) was my representative; gone. Arlen Spector(?) was my representative; gone. Ed Rendell(D)  was my governor; gone. I expect a vote against the cut, cap, and balance bill by you.

I will vote against your reelection, and I will use what little influence I have to make you “gone” also, if you vote against cut, cap, and balance.

I admire spending reduction worldwide. Puerto Rico is an outstanding example of reduced government spending, as is Canada and others. I don’t admire “bluffing”, taxes, and big spending. Perhaps, I will send a link to the White House.

There will be comments on this article, and I may add some comments to the article itself as it develops.