The Budget of Norway: Common Sense

budget Norway

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 15 –

I looked up Norway this morning.

They spend less in their budget than they take in. That is common sense. We are forced to do it in our private lives. The states are also forced to balance their budgets. I don’t really know or care whether Norway is forced to balance it’s budget, but they did in this case.

Education, which teaches how to behave, has failed miserably in the United States. Most of the politicians in the United States do not behave properly. They were not taught how to behave. Otherwise, they would have behaved differently than they did.

We have spent more in the United States than we have taken in in revenue.

President Obama wants to increase the debt limit and increase taxes. His behavior was not changed by his education. He should. instead. be looking for a way to spend only the revenue, which we have coming in, as they do in Norway.

Greece is being taught how to behave. Mark Dayton in Minnesota is learning how to behave.

Putin, Moody’s, and China do not approve of the behavior of the United States.

Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, and about 236 House Republicans do not approve of the behavior of the United States.


As shown in the image:

revenues $226.8 billion

expenditures $187 billion (2009 est.)