Holder Does It; Again

Holder Graham

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 12 –

GOP senators bash Holder’s decision to give civilian trial to Somali terrorist
Holder apparently will persist in his efforts to try to try terrorists in civilian courts. The failure of his attempt to have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tried in New York City didn’t teach him anything. There may be more Senators, who will sign the letter.

I will try to follow the details of this most recent “Holder” event.

Holder also did not attempt to punish Black Panther intimidators at polling booths. He tried CIA interrogators for crimes in questioning terrorist prisoners; harmed the interrogators and the CIA.

Alan West has sent a letter to President Obama demanding that he force Holder to resign.

Holder was also involved in the pardon of Marc Rich.

Lindsey Graham Destroys Eric Holder.

President Obama can “take what he has and clothe it in moral garb”. President Obama is not moral in his support of Holder. Eric Holder exemplifies the type of administration operative President Obama desires.

President Obama should be punished by limiting his presidency to one term.

39 Senators and Alan West dislike what Holder is doing. Several CIA directors have voiced their opposition to Holder.

President Obama and Holder are not my friends