Just Who’s The Boss?

Obama cut cap balance

Yesterday I wrote an article:

They've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Is the “unloved” the boss, or are “They” the boss. That is the question. The answer is “They”.

There is no question that my wife is the boss. So, why do we allow the unloved to boss us around. Answer: We have been manipulated so long, and so totally,that the sheep are controlled by the shepherd and his dogs.

This brings me to taxation. Who’s boss? Does Congress and the President tell us how much we are going to pay them, or do we tell them how much we are going to pay? I saw a comment, which said in effect that the constitution gives government the right to tax. That’s true, but the boss has a way to change the constitution, if enough people want to change it. Who’s the boss? Am I to believe that balancing the budget cannot be put into the constitution. If it happens, who’s the boss?

Reid has backed off taxes in his debt crisis bill is my understanding. I don’t know his reasoning, but is it an admission that taxing is the right of the people and not Congress or the President? If it is I welcome it.

This is a Capitalist country, but President transformer has succeeded in getting Obamacare passed. Government will be in control of health care. What’s next? Automobile manufacturing would be a likely target. Do we want the automobile industry to be a government sponsored enterprise like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? I think we should get the government out of the health care business. Greece had a government operated electricity company. It is my understanding that the government operated electricity company in Greece has been privatized. That means that the government is no longer the boss in producing electricity in Greece. President Obama and company have succeeded in interfering with American Electric Power. President transformer said, “The cost of electricity will skyrocket”.

The people should rise up and show him who is the boss in the United States of America.

In God We Trust