Pittsburgh, Our New Old Home



We moved to Pittsburgh in 1973. At that time, Allegheny county was one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. We moved here from Houston, Texas, by accident.

I bought a truck, a diesel truck, in Houston. When I fueled up in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the attendant put gasoline in the truck. The truck quit running near Pittsburgh. I put the truck in a shop, and one of the local people offered me a job driving his truck. I went to work for him, sold my damaged truck after it was repaired, and bought another truck of my own within about a year. We bought a house near Pittsburgh, and the kids went to school here. My daughter had a Texas accent, and one of my sons was nicknamed “Tex”. Tex lives near Pittsburgh now, and my daughter lives here, but her Texas accent is long gone.

My daughter graduated from college, Robert Morris, in Pittsburgh. One of my sons went to a vocational high school here, and took food preparation. He’s still in Scottsdale, Arizona, but he still “cooks” more than the average person.

We lived in Pittsburgh nearly three decades. We sold our house near Pittsburgh, and moved to Hammond, Indiana for a few years. We spent about five years in Jacksonville, Florida, and 5 more years in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now, we’re back in Pittsburgh.

We live in a townhouse, which is nice. The community has a community center with an indoor heated pool, exercise facilities, meeting rooms, a library, and sports facilities. Our housing project has nice landscaping, exercise facilities, and a large outdoor heated pool.

There’s a large selection of restaurants, and malls nearby.

We live near the “Butler” exit 5 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.