Reagan Statues, Strauss-Kahn, Chavez…and More

 Reagan Statue Britain
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 5 –
I don’t want to rain on the parade, but how much money do you think was spent on fireworks in the United States yesterday? What do we have to show for it?
    In a speech, Mr. McCarthy described Mr. Reagan’s fight not only against the forces of Communism, but against the “tyranny” of debt and big government. He and Mrs. Thatcher, he said, “did not move to the center to gather votes, they moved the center to them.”
Will Obama be honored with statues in the future?
Strauss-Kahn: I haven’t paid much attention to this. However, there seems to be an interesting development. Strauss-Kahn is probably going to be sued by another women, in France.
Chavez had a tumor removed in Cuba, and it looks like he will continue treatment for cancer.