The Dominos Are Falling

Obama one in four defect


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 29 –

Democrats: 1 in 4 Defecting. Website 

In fact twenty seven percent are defecting according to the article.

More and more information about President Obama is coming out, and from sources I never dreamed of. A Muslim Marxist reported that there are now Muslim Brotherhood advocates in the White House, and Hillary Clinton verified that there are, in fact.

The The Obama File [1] covers all of  President Obama’s life. Whether it is completely true or not is beside the point. Secret information about Columbia in New York City is revealed.

The unions are displeased to say the least. Richard Trumpka is unhappy, the Teamsters are critical of the administration, and a whole bunch of unions are unhappy with the 2012 Democrat convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Maxine Waters spoke out asking permission to revolt against President Obama, in effect, and was joined by prominent Democrats.

Green jobs, a Van Jones communist project, are a failure

So, now were going to try to get Alan Krueger, of “cash for clunkers fame”, appointed Chief Economic Advisor.

Talk about going off the edge of a cliff!


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[1] This website was called to my attention by Extraterrestrial