Economics versus Constitutional Lawyer and Community Organizer


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 3 –

There was a slogan in Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign:

It’s the economy stupid.

Mr. President Obama, no offense meant, but it would be wise for you to reconsider those words.

Now that the debt ceiling deal has been signed into law, it’s time to move to the next great debate; it’s the economy.

Sound business principles must be applied. No more stimulus, no more community organizing, and no more spreading the wealth.

ACORN was a huge mistake. Risky loans are out of the question. We don’t need Saul Alinsky’s pontifications to guide us. No more “Take what you have and clothe it in moral garments”. No more change to “the world as it should be'”. Clean, well groomed, and dressed is OK, but don’t use appearance to deceive.

If the debt ceiling deal is a lesson, then let the Tea Party members of Congress point the way. Adopt Paul Ryan’s ideas about health care, and get rid of government sponsored Obamacare. You might not have to do that, Obamacare may be ruled unconstitutional.

Our number one priority should be the economy. Keynesian theories have failed. Community organizing has failed. A constitutional lawyer’s ideas have failed.

It’s time for change; now, not later.