The House Was a Happy Place as The Debt Ceiling Passed and Giffords Returned

House Giffords

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 2 –

It is a rare treat to enjoy and share happiness in the House of Representatives. I watched the vote on the debt ceiling deal on C-Span. The deal passed 269-161. The House erupted into clapping and cheering at the end of the vote, which continued for a considerable number of minutes. The presence of Gabrielle Giffords in the House became apparent to the legislators and associates.

It was very moving to witness such goodwill.

I took accounting in college. One of the items on the books in accounting was goodwill. Goodwill is an asset. Goodwill is an asset in government also, but I haven’t seen much of it in government in a long, long, time. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil had goodwill. Bill Clinton had goodwill. I have ideas about who has goodwill, or lack thereof, in the debt ceiling deal.

I will leave that thought with you, to decide, who you think has goodwill, among those, who are involved in the debt limit deal.