Killing: On a Mass Scale

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 31 –
Marxists believe in killing on a mass scale. One example of this is Tiananmen Square killing in the People’s Republic of China. The students protested in Tiananmen Square, government forces killed the dissenters. It isn’t known exactly how many, but there were thousands killed.
There is a strong association of President Obama with Marxism. John Drew, who formerly was a Marxist, says President Obama was part of the Marxists at Occidental College. While President Obama was at Columbia University, he attended the 100th anniversary of Karl Marx’s death in a hall named Cooper Union. [1] President Obama’s house is in the neighborhood of Bill Ayers. Reverend Wright speaks in favor of Marxism. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck.
Hitler was a killer on a mass scale. Auschwitz is an example.
The ability of a single camp to kill 2,000-3,000 people per hour took years to achieve.
Muslims kill on a mass scale. Suicide bombers are an example. The three 9/11 attacks are three more examples.
Beheading is a Muslim practice. Although it involves individuals, it takes place worldwide. Daniel Pearl is one example. Access to the beheading of Daniel Pearl is here.
Thou shalt not kill

Newsvine column

[1] Radical in Chief  Stanley Kurtz  Page 10, 11, 13