Medicare and the 2012 Campaign

Medicare NY 26

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 6 –

The 2012 Presidential and Congressional campaign has begun, and hopes have changed.

The President and Congress’ voracious appetite for taxing and spending got tamed by the debt ceiling deal.

The real hope and change changer was the Standard and Poor’s downgrade, plus the thoughts of both China and Russia.

If tax and spend had not been changed, to, Medicare and entitlements are on the table, the country would probably have defaulted, which would have been the end of Medicare and entitlements as we knew them. So, The Tea Party’s win of, no new taxes, saved the country from default, and saved Medicare in the process. The Democrats did not save Medicare, their tax and spend would have led to default and destruction of Medicare.

NY 26 win was a short hope, which has changed. Axelrod, Gibbs, and Emanuel must be disappointed. Things are not rosy for President Obama’s bus trip coming up.

“I think he is beleaguered, exhausted,” Baker said. “And I think that getting out and meeting the people is kind of an energizing experience for the president.”

Let’s see whether President Obama has anything to say about the hope of Medicare, or has that changed?