Our 2008 Presidential Candidate Recycled

The Constitution is Flawed
obama crotch 3000
President Obama Hands Near Crotch During Pledge of Allegiance
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 24 –
Citizens of the United States have a short memory. Hopefully, I will be able to refresh their memory.
I may add images to this recycled article. I should have put up the image of President Obama with his hands near his crotch when I wrote the article the first time. There are over 500 comments on that article.
Any man that would show contempt for the United States during the pledge of allegiance should not have been, nor should not be president of the United States.
These images on this article will bring back the memory of the United States citizens to 2008. A terrible mistake took place. I had forgotten the “crotch” picture myself, but I read about it, and looked it up.
There are tiny links to the live videos at the top of the top two videos, if for some reason you might want to use them. I used them to write this article.
President Obama has tried to transform our country. I noted that President Obama did not attempt to use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling by himself. He did consider it however; he asked for legal advice. The advice was: Don’t do it!
My advice on voting for President Obama in 2012: Don’t do it!