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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 21 –

I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop. We went to Best Buy the other day, and here’s some of what happened. They had a H-P laptop for $429, which had a 15 inch screen, 3 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive. They verbally told me that it had a quad four processor. It turns out that it has a single core processor. I was leery abut a H-P guarantee. I’ve had an Acer and a Compaq laptop with no problems, and I’ve had a bunch of Dell desktops with minor problems.

The last desktop from Dell is the best computer I’ve ever had, but it came with McAfee anti virus installed. When I used the normal procedure to uninstall McAfee, it wouldn’t uninstall. I wanted Dell to hook up remotely, and take McAfee out. They wouldn’t do it. I have a geek son, who finally got it out. But, here’s my problem. Windows 7 has an anti virus free program built in. It works beautifully. Why would Dell install McAfee on a computer with a free virus program already built in?

I still trust Dell in spite of this, and other negative experiences I’ve had with them.

I looked up H-P, Best Buy, and warranty. I was shocked to see the bad reputation that they have in the results I saw. Look up Best Buy warranty, if you are inclined to do so.

While we were out in a shopping center near my house, I saw a WI Fi sign in a yogurt store. The store owner happened to show up to open the store. I asked her whether the Wi Fi was on 24/7, and she said yes. Now, I’m going to see how many Wi Fi hot spots there are in this area.

I checked out an I Pad. I don’t like the small screen. When I looked up internet connections, they were $40 a month and up for an I Pad.

I’d be interested in your technology news.

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