There is Hope; Hope 2012

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 14 –

The Hope of President Obama has not worked out well. That Hope and Changey Thing; how has that worked out for ya?

The debt ceiling deal, and the supercommittee are the new hope. The debt ceiling deal and the supercommittee will put the country on a new course; away from irresponsible spending.

The Tea Party has set the country on a new course; away from irresponsible spending.

It has occurred to me that the lobbyists are big spending advocates. The Tea Party, and the debt limit deal will weaken them.


Under the bitterly fought deal that raised the U.S. debt ceiling, the Pentagon is already getting a $350 billion haircut over the next 10 years, a roughly 6 percent reduction relative to current Congressional Budget Office spending projections.

Health Care

Left unreformed, Medicare, along with Social Security and Medicaid -- the federal health program for the poor -- will devour 100 per cent of all tax revenues by 2047, according to the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office.

"As we've seen, health policy is now budget policy," said Licy Do Canto, health care lobbyist and head of the Docanto Group. "It's not a question of when; it's a question of how much."

Many groups with a stake in health care spending said their lobbying will focus on the impact that entitlement cuts would have on seniors, the disabled and the families that care for them. One tactic will be to encourage patients to present their own stories directly to committee members.

There is Hope

Hope is just around the corner. The 2012 elections will either empower Capitalists or Marxists. The 2012 elections will empower Republicans, Democrats, or Tea Partiers. Heaven forbid that the lobbyists, big spenders, and Marxists get their butts kicked.