There’s a Stench in the Air Nationwide


garbage dump

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Video: Tarek Fatah Talk at ideacity 2011:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 25 –

President Obama is a good speaker. President Obama is also an undercover operator. He bypasses congress.

It is necessary to watch the video; linked under the image above to begin to understand what I’m saying.

The speaker in the video says he was a Muslim Marxist, and that he was an employee of President Obama in 2008. He talks about President Obama near the end of the video. He says there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood working in the White House. A search of the previous terms will provide many other results with the same information.

We must not remain silent!

Now, lets switch gears, an old trucker term, and talk a little about illegal immigration. There’s a smell of “transforming America” arising from that garbage.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement has watered down the immigration laws since January 2009. Now, President Obama and his administration have “fixed” immigration laws [1] so that “criminals” will be deported and other illegals, liable to being deported, will be given back door amnesty. Want to employ American citizens? Deport illegals. Maxine Waters should get on “deportation”. This follows the smell of Muslim Brotherhood agents in the White House.

Throw all the garbage together, and we have a nationwide stench.


[1] Federation for American Immigration Reform: man-Center for American Progress: woman

Video: Tarek Fatah Talk at ideacity 2011:

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