United States’ Credit Downgraded!

obama downgraded

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President Obama is a mistake. Obama "Marxist" "Brownshirt" Says Black Chamber of Commerce President The president of the Black Chamber of Commerce says President Obama won’t get 30 percent of the black vote. He discusses President Obama’s activities, which suppress free enterprise. He says that President Obama wanted gasoline prices to go up.

Looking for a safe haven?

President Obama would do well to look at the United States’ neighbor, Canada. The article suggests that  an investment in Canada is safer than an investment in the United States. They have relatively low unemployment, as does Mexico. Subprime mortgages were not promoted in Canada, as ACORN did. And who was a friend of ACORN; the community organizer. Canada has a vibrant energy sector. President Obama’s green energy, battery plants, and anti carbon emissions policies are a dismal failure.

Though not immune from the worldwide economic turmoil, the rewards of investing in Canada far outweigh the risks.

China’s position 

China downgraded the US credit rating last year. China’s dollar assets must be protected.

To cure its addiction to debt, the United States must reestablish the commonsense principle that one should live within his means.

Myth: Tax the rich

Some suggest "tax the rich to make up the deficit". As of the end of 2010, the total worth of all American billionaires is $1.3 Trillion. We could take ALL their worth, not just high taxes, but ALL their WORTH; and it wouldn't dent our national debt. It wouldn't even pay this year’s deficit! And if we did take their money to pay some of this year's deficit, what would we we do next year?

What is the solution? Capitalism trumps Marxism.