Very Old Songs

Nobody’s Darlin But Mine



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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 23 –

My wife watches the Waltons on TV. The Waltons lived in Virginia in the 1930s, and my wife spent most of her single life in Virginia. They have music on the program, and they played the Merle Haggard song in the video. That song brought back memories of my grandfather, who sang that song in the 30s.

He also liked “May I sleep in your barn tonight mister”

Here’s a song that was popular back then. Nickity Nickaty Now Now Now Chubby Parker

My grandfather had a Victrola. It must have been an RCA model; I remember the picture of a dog; listening, which was their trademark. It had to be wound up to play a record. It had a crank handle on the side to wind it up. It played 78 rpm records. A steel replaceable needle was in the device that “coasted” in the record grooves. I guess it could be called a sound head.

I bought a record, which I played on the Victrola. I don’t remember what it was.

I guess Me And Bobby McGee - Kris Kristofferson could be considered an old song.