Yesterday: Memories are Made of This


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 10 –

Yesterday was a very unusual day in my world.

My daughter and her husband left to go to New York City, where their son is going to appear as a band member in a night club.

He is a college student, and lives with my daughter, when he’s not at the University of Pennsylvania at Indiana. The band travelled to New York City from Pittsburgh, also.

We were going to go out to eat, and we used the Pennsylvania Turnpike. As we were entering the toll booth, there was a broke down truck parked on the berm. The next thing I saw was an old friend walking toward the truck. We went through the toll booth, and I saw my friend’s car parked outside the toll booth. I asked my wife to park, and I walked back to my friend and the disabled truck. The truck had stopped because it ran out of fuel.

There are two tanks on the truck, and one tank was empty, but the other one had quite a bit of fuel in it. My friend put 10 gallons of fuel in the empty tank, but the truck wouldn’t start. I suggested that he use ether to start the truck and keep it running until it sucked up fuel. There wasn’t much I could do, but I told my friend that I would buy his dinner. He declined, but we plan to have dinner together next Sunday.

On the way to our daughter’s house, we passed several huge hydrangeas. One of them was near my daughter’s house, and I took a picture of it. We passed another one, which was twice the size of the one in the picture, also near my daughter’s house, but it would have been dangerous to stop and take a picture.