Barack Obama Did It

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 8 –

The blame game got very close to the final minutes this week.

Barack Obama and Democrats have blamed, blamed, and blamed, over and over, ad nauseum. Every time I listened, read, or watched; it was Bush and Cheney’s fault.

Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Gibbs; please try blaming this one on anyone except Barack Obama:

President Obama has decided, on his own, to reduce the number of troops in Iraq to 3,000.

John McCain stated his disapproval of President Obama’s decision on Greta Van Susteren’s  show last night, and Lindsey Graham did also. My understanding, which could be wrong, is that Barack Obama has taken action on his own. He has disregarded the advice of the top military and civilian leaders; not once, but twice.

He announced to our enemies that he was going to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan.

He has announced that he is going to reduce the number of troops in Iraq to 3000. It is my understanding that experts advised 10,000 to 15,000 troops in Iraq.

I am an ordinary person, but announcing strategy to the enemy is not wise, as was done in the case of the strategy in Afghanistan.

Accusations have been made that these decisions were political. I wonder if George Soros, John Podesta, Van Jones, Center for American Progress, or David Axelrod, now, overrule the advice of top military and civilian leaders. I wonder whether the Iraq and Afghanistan decisions were political decisions on the part of President Obama.

I wonder how much blood of our military will be shed as the result of President Obama’s decisions, and I wonder whether President Obama’s mind accepts killing as a political strategy.

He has taken action, which may come back to haunt him in the upcoming election, and in history. The decisions are his, he owns them.


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