Monument to Goluckydonald

Truck wheel at vicki

Monument to Goluckydonald

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 23 –

Here’s the story about this wheel:

This wheel represents about 30 years of my life. It’s located at my daughter’s house near Pittsburgh. It will probably be at my daughter’s house for a number of years. My two sons visit my daughter’s house as does my wife. I’m about 7 years older than my wife, so she’ll probably be around after I’m gone. Two of my grandchildren will see the wheel for years to come. I don’t have any great grandchildren now, but it could be that they will see the truck wheel.

I travelled about 160,000 miles a year for about 30 years. That’s a total of about 5 million miles; 4.8 million miles to be exact. A truck lasts about a million miles, so, that’s about 5 trucks worth.

I’ve seen the time when the truck wheels wouldn’t pull the load uphill on icy roads. In fact the truck would come to a halt and begin to slide backwards. I’ve also seen the time when the second trailer would start sliding toward the berm. Then there’s wind while pulling an empty box trailer. The wind will tilt the trailer up in the air, and sometimes trailers turn over. Finally, there’s explosions. A fuel tanker will explode with the slightest spark. Turning on an ordinary flashlight can make a spark, which will cause an explosion.