My New Laptop

azus laptop

Attribution: Wiki Products

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 19 –

The image is similar to my laptop, but is not exactly like mine. I had a bunch of possible images, and I picked one that looked similar.

My laptop:

15.5 inch screen

Intel I5 processor

4 gigs RAM

500 gig hard drive

Wireless connection

Price $449 plus state tax

From: Best Buy

Price, availability, and specifications were the main reasons for my selection. I considered buying an I Pad, but I didn’t want to pay connection fees.

We were going to doggie sit, and there was no computer available there. We have finished one week of doggie sitting, and we were able to use the computer. It worked well. My wife said that it is faster than her desktop. I have had insignificant problems, like the touch pad buttons were protected with stick on tape, and I didn’t know that it could be removed.

It was nice to be able to use the Newsvine web site at the doggie sitting location.

I wanted to be able to access the Internet on wi fi connections around our area. So, the other day I went to McDonalds and tried it out. An ATT connection came up and I clicked on it. A user agreement came up and I agreed. Then a McDonalds browser came up. I entered the Newsvine URL into the McDonalds browser and Newsvine came up. I made a couple comments, and went back to the car. My wife had been shopping and she came to the car. We went home, and I was one happy camper.

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