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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 18 –

I was going to seed an article, which said that Obama needs to make personnel changes. I took a look and there are quite a few results for Obama September Discontent. Carville talks about firing Obama advisors, but that doesn’t take into account dissatisfaction in Hollywood, and among the Jewish population. Carville talks about firing at the bottom; how about firing from the top down. That of course would be unthinkable to a Democrat. Another article  stated that Obama has been in trouble before, and pulled out of it. In those cases, entire groups had not been alienated as they are now.

I don’t expect anyone to read all the following articles, but please read the titles. I did read all of the articles.

For Obama, another September of discontent 

Disappointed Hollywood Giving Obama Cold Shoulder

Anger at Obama propels Turner win

NY-9: Oh yes, Obama has a Jewish problem 

Now, we’ll see what Leroy Brown and Axlerod try to do to Carville.


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