Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 15 –
My experience has been that small minds talk about people.  Pelosi is one example. Her flying expenses, money spent on booze, et cetera, have been discussed. Bush and Cheney, the Koch brothers, Reagan, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are often discussed.
Sometimes, It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt  Mark Twain
The elections in New York and Nevada yesterday were events. Average minds discuss events. I suspect that I fall into the first two categories. However, I do venture into ideas from time to time.
Marxism is an idea. If there is doubt in your mind about what Marxism is, look it up on Wikipedia, or some other source. I’m convinced that President Obama is a Marxist. Stanley Kurtz, and others are convinced that President Obama is a Marxist.
Big spending is an idea. I’m not positive, but I’m of the opinion that big spending is supposed to keep advocates of it, in power. President Obama and Democrats fit into the big spending category. I thought they might relent from big spending after the recent debt limit crisis, but I was wrong. They just passed a $500 billion raise in the debt limit ceiling in the Senate. So much for spending restraint!
Finally, universal health care is an idea. Lenin believed that healthcare was a step toward Marxism. Remember Lenin’s idea, when you think about how President Obama and Democrats operate.

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