Radical in Chief: Community Organizer Revisited

Community organizer is a euphemism

Community organizer has a great sound to it. It brings visions of legitimacy, honor, honesty, and acceptance.

I’m going to present the other side of the picture.

Barack Obama operated on the south side of Chicago. Barack Obama likes luxury; like a custom Continental and an El Dorado too. It wouldn’t surprise me, if Barack Obama had a 32 gun in his pocket, and a razor in his shoe.

I spent many years in and near Chicago, and I kept a loaded shotgun in my trucks. So, I wouldn’t condemn Barack Obama for doing likewise.

“Badder than old King Kong”

“Meaner than a junk yard dog”

These are not the nice descriptions euphemistically presently draped upon the Barack Obama image.

“LeRoy shootin dice”

“Don’t call my bluff”, Barack Obama.

“LeRoy looked like a jigsaw puzzle

with a couple pieces gone”

Barack Obama could end up looking like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple pieces gone.

Barack Obama was an activist, who opposed expansion of the landfill on the south side of Chicago. He was a trouble maker, a rabble rouser, and he promoted disobedience. He participated in setting up a break-in, meant to intimidate a coalition of businesses and neighborhood leaders into dropping a landfill expansion deal. [1] This incident is just one example, there are more, which I will not go into for the sake of brevity.


Croce, 30, Maury Muehleisen, 24, and four others died in a small commercial plane crash on September 20, 1973, shortly before his ABC single, "I Got a Name", was to be released. Wikipedia


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[1] Radical in Chief  Stanley Kurtz   Pg 126-127