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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 3 –

President Obama is a stealth Marxist, Socialist. Alinsky was a stealth Marxist, Socialist. President Obama hides his ideology and Saul Alinsky hid his ideology. In Alinsky’s case he didn’t talk about the collapse of Capitalism, he talked about getting power. He talked about getting represented on boards of companies, so they could influence decisions. In President Obama’s case, he pushed Waste Management in Chicago to contribute millions of dollars in community developmental projects, such as job training, scholarships, housing, health care, and daycare. He succeeded. [1]

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Their tactic? Bring down American society and its Capitalistic assumptions from within, at the very bottom, starting with the underprivileged that could easily be led into class warfare, demanding costly entitlement programs from 'the rich.'

The information is available, and it will be provided. It will consume time, but if there isn’t any effort, there will be no results.

I don't admire stealthy people. I don't like Marxists or Socialists.

Don't tread on Boehner or the Tea Party!


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[1] Radical in Chief  Stanley Kurtz  pg 127-128