To Try to Reelect President Obama is a Bad Idea

obama pissed

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President Obama Pissed

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 15 –

There are at least 10 major reasons to not reelect President Obama.

President Obama and his administration use Chicago thug tactics to implement their ideas. Solyndra is the current example. They pushed the Solyndra thing through, without due diligence.

President Obama and his administration propose bills, which are extremely large and complicated. Obamacare is an example; 2600 pages, which contain the basis for a “civilian force”.

A President Obama, with a “civilian force”, is an abuse of power; keeping in mind what “Radical in Chief” says about President Obama, and his Marxist activities.

Then there’s bribery. Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska was bribed when Obamacare was being debated, and it was not the only bribe.

Nancy Pelosi’s “Pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it”, is an extremely bad idea. Should we “Pass it now”, the jobs bill, without due diligence like the Solyndra thing was handled?

Harry Reid has nixed the haste to “pass it now”, and I’ll give him credit, but haste was another flaw in the passage of Obamacare. Haste is another flaw in President Obama that we don’t need for four more years.

Bypassing Congress is a bad idea. The current administration used the EPA to legislate. President Obama recently backed off EPA regulations, but President Obama has in effect legislated in Immigration and Customs Enforcement. President Obama and the Administration ruled that only criminals would be deported.

Czars are a bad idea. Van Jones is the poster child of a bad czar.

Funneling money to unions through legislation is a bad idea. President Obama’s “jobs bill” is an example of efforts to funnel money to unions through teachers and construction workers.

Badmouthing the constitution is a bad idea.

Transforming our country is, and was, a bad idea.

Last, Marxism is a bad idea. We were warned when President Obama said that he wanted to “spread the wealth around”. We see clearly now the implications of that statement.


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