Vivid Fall Colors

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –September 30 –

The sun wasn’t out, but here’s some cloudy day pictures. They’re around where we live, and we enjoy them several times each day.

My wife likes flowers, and a lot of them are the real thing. She also likes artificial flowers. I like the real thing, outdoors, a whole lot better. It’s supposed to get down into the 40’s here tonight, which is about as cold as a hibiscus can stand. We’re going to take our hibiscus to our daughter’s church.

I remember fields of mums at Northeast, Pennsylvania, when I was trucking. They stand cold temperatures quite well.

I hope you have a pleasant week end.





impatiens office exposure

mums at entrance left

mum cropped 2

mums assorted colors

mums at entrance left

mums entrance right cropped

pink mum

mums office

Office pink vine best cropped