Barack Hussein Obama’s Bus Folly | How Barack Hussein Obama Will Be Remembered

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That’s Us – Under The Bus


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 6 –

The bus folly has been upstaged by so many events that it seems a distant memory. That’s how Barack Hussein Obama would like it to be. If I have my say, I will refresh those memories. Barack Hussein Obama launched a bus tour on or about  August 15, 2011. These buses had to be contracted, built, and delivered to the United States government at taxpayer and lenders, such as China’s, expense. Some money may have been printed also to cover this expense. The purpose of the trip was to enhance Barack Hussein Obama’s 2012 campaign, but it was fraudulently touted as a government expense, but not a campaign 2012 expense. So, that was only about fifty days ago.

Barack Hussein Obama is fast and furious however. He and Van Jones have a riled up bunch of protesters to organize. Now, isn’t that precious. We had a fraudulent bus tour, and now we’ve got some community organizing goin’ on. The point is: Barack Hussein Obama is a bad president, and we should get rid of him as soon as possible, because of the things he has done, and the things that he’s doing.

Where are the busses now? Who knows. Does Obama care where they are, how much they cost, the harm they have caused, or the shame they represent? No, in Barack Hussein Obama’s mind this is a necessary, and honorable way to do things. Take a look at the holy finger shaker. Picture

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