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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 5 –

I was going to seed this article. I read the article, and decided that a seed wouldn’t allow the image that I preferred, nor would it provide the message that I preferred. A good bit of my writing contains words about Marxists. Marxists and Communists are one and the same thing.

There’s a whole network of Marxists vehemently trying to transform America. They are popping up all over. Van Jones, who was appointed as the Green Czar by President Obama is one of the network.

Soros finances Center for American Progress, which is run by John Podesta. Van Jones is an associate of Center for American Progress.

Durbin is trying to put the United States in harm’s way:

On the one extreme, you have a handful of communists rallying against capitalism to the applause of the left-wing media and their cohorts in the vast left-wing conspiracy; and on the other extreme, you have US legislators trying to put banks out of business while whining that banks aren’t loaning money.

The extreme is all that’s left of the Democrat Party. They are all now a part of the Hope-and-Change wing of the new Democrat mobocracy.

Not only do they root for failure, but they have become a giant Ways-and-Means committee of government failure by design.

Democrat strategist James Carville recommended that Obama indict someone over something- anything- in order to restore confidence in his administration.

He can start with Dick Durbin.

Throwing in Eric Holder and Elena Kagan wouldn't hurt either.

Because, until they’re gone, the jobs, the economy and sanity are gone too.

We have a handful of Communists trying to ruin Capitalism together with US legislators putting businesses in harm’s way.

In God We Trust

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