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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –October 3 –

This article is about a worldwide network. George Soros is a prominent member of the network. George Soros contributes to hundreds of organizations worldwide. DiscoverTheNetworks The Center for American Progress is one of Soros’ organizations. John Podesta is in charge of the Center for American Progress in Washington DC. Van Jones is associated with the Center for American Progress.

An ally of Center for American Progress, is President Obama. Associates of the Center for American Progress are closely attached to the Obama Administration. They visit and contact the White House frequently. Van Jones was a Czar in the Obama Administration, until he resigned in September 2009, under pressure, from disclosure of his history.

Soros, Van Jones, President Obama, Podesta, Center for American Progress, and hundreds of Soros’ organizations, such as Media Matters,[1] are trying to change the government of the United States. President Obama boldly stated his desire to “transform America”.

KNIGHT: American dream or socialist nightmare

Except for the 14 Democratic Wisconsin Senate shirkers in hiding to avoid a vote on fiscal sanity and the 38 Democratic Senate shirkers in Indiana doing the same thing, Mr. Jones and Moveon.org want all radicals to get off their BarcaLoungers and raise a public ruckus.

Moveon.org is another Soros organization, part of the network, and allies of President Obama and the Socialist Democrats.

Yes, times have changed, but not for unreconstructed radicals who follow relative youngsters like Mr. Jones back to the revolutionary ramparts. At the head of this parade is the ghost of Saul Alinsky, the brilliant community organizer whose left-wing school in Chicago helped educate President Obama. Alinsky’s prize pupil has called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed reforms “an assault” on unions.

This is some good stuff. It is the truth, and it is not easily spun. President Obama is into Alinsky, allies, and networking up to his eyeballs.

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[1] Media Matters has not always been forthcoming about its high-profile backers. In particular, the group long labored to obscure any financial ties to George Soros. But in March 2003, the Cybercast News Service (CNS) detailed the copious links between Media Matters and several Soros "affiliates"—among them MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, and Peter Lewis. Confronted with this story, a spokesman for the organization explained that "Media Matters for America has never received funding directly from George Soros" (emphasis added), a transparent evasion.