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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 4 –

We went to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club yesterday looking for a portable heater. Either they didn’t have the one I wanted, or I couldn’t find it. So, today we went to Home Depot, and they had exactly the heater I wanted. It’s the oil radiator in the image. I just checked to see whether they had a programmable one; they didn’t. I like the oil radiator, because there is no fan, no fan noise, or the things necessary to make the fan operate. Further, there is no fuzz sticking in the areas near the fan, or on the fan itself. Last, why is a fan needed at all? The heat will circulate naturally without a fan. In my view, the fan is a power waster, and is another device to deteriorate and wear out.

I told the clerk that I wanted the heater to turn on by itself an hour before I got up, so my office would be toasty warm, when I wanted to work on the computer. He directed me to the timers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had a timer capable of handling 1876 watts for $5.79. I wanted to  make sure that the timer would handle the portable heater, so I asked their electrical expert. He confirmed that the timer was adequate for the job.

I’ll hook up the heater today, and I’ll know the results by tomorrow.

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