Post Obama

Post Obama

Victor Davis Hansen

Solyndra and Van Jones are the metaphors of these times, reminding us of the corruption of the very notion of “green.” In the age of Al Gore, it has eroded from a once noble ideal of conservation to a tawdry profit- and job-scam for assorted hucksters and snake-oil salesmen. Without the lofty hype and shake-down, most otherwise would have had to find productive jobs.

  • Tragically, “green” is the new refuge of scoundrels.
  • Readers will add here the end of an investigative media,
  • ObamaCare,
  • the new Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals,
  • “lead from behind” foreign policy,
  • spread-the-wealth demonization of business,
  • crony capitalism,
  • punitive measures against everyone from guitar makers to plane manufacturers,
  • distrust of oil and gas producers,
  • Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department, and so on.

When Obama leaves office, there will be a sense of psychological release in the business community that will

  • lead to a far greater “stimulus” than printing more money.

Still, let us cheer up a bit. The country always knew, but for just a bit forgot, that

  • you cannot print money and borrow endlessly.
  • It always knew that bureaucrats were less efficient than employers.
  • It knew that Guantanamo was not a gulag
  • and Iraq was not “lost.” But given the anguish over Iraq, the anger at Bush,
  • the Obama postracial novelty and “centrist” façade,
  • and the Freddie/Fannie/Wall Street collapse, it wanted to believe what it knew might not be true.

Now three years of Obama have slapped voters out of their collective trance.

The spell has now passed; and we are stronger for its passing. There is going to be soon a sense of relief that we have not experienced in decades.

  • In short, sadder but wiser Americans will soon be turned loose with a vigor unseen in decades.

Yet Barack Obama should be reluctant to charge one with guilt by silence, especially in a military context. For example,

  • by his own admission, he attended Trinity Church “every week” (Chicago Sun-Times [11/08/2004]: “Yep. Every week. 11 o’clock service”) and so must have heard — and so kept silent about — the racist hatred of his own pastor.

And, in regards to a presidential candidate’s tolerance for slights against military personnel, more hypocrisy still:

  • when lecturing Gen. Petraeus in September 2008 during the Senate hearings, Sen. Obama took no opportunity to criticize the MoveOn.org ad that had just appeared (“General Betray Us”) or to disassociate himself from fellow senator and rival presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton’s charge that Petraeus was essentially a liar (“the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief”).

Obama’s latest charge is perhaps a preview of the campaign to come:

  • he apparently won’t be running on food prices,
  • the housing market,
  • gas prices,
  • unemployment numbers,
  • GDP,
  • the present stock market,
  • the numbers on food stamps and unemployment insurance,
  • the deficit,
  • aggregate new debt,
  • government borrowing,
  • or consumer or business confidence.