Raccoon Story

raccoon mother baby

The mother and baby were in the dumpster

dumpster raccoon

This is the dumpster

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –October 2 –

I took some garbage out to the dumpster Saturday morning. I was surprised to see a large raccoon in the empty dumpster. I thought about ways of getting the raccoon out with a minimum of expense and effort. It would have been easy to contact the fire department or some other agency to get the raccoon out. I considered putting a pole or something in the dumpster, so the raccoon could climb out. I also thought someone else might solve the problem and I could just wait for that to happen. I told my wife, my son, and my daughter, and my wife said the dumpster would fill up and the raccoon could rescue itself. A few hours passed, and I took another look. Some garbage had been put into the dumpster, and the raccoon was still in there. But this time, I saw that a baby raccoon was with her. She just stared at me, and laid down and went to sleep.

At 4 AM this morning I got some bread and I was going to feed them. I went out to the dumpster and the dumpster was full enough for the pair to climb out. Anyhow, they were gone.

Have a nice Sunday!


This is how the inside of the dumpster looked this morning

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