Schoen, Caddell: Supercommittee Fiasco Shows Obama Needs to Go

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Read more on Newsmax.com: Schoen, Caddell: Supercommittee Fiasco Shows Obama Needs to Go

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 21 –

Now, in addition to Chris Matthews, we have Cadell, and Schoen badmouthing President Obama.

Barack Obama has shown such poor leadership as president that he needs to step down before the next election for the good of the country, Democratic pollsters Patrick Caddell and Doug Schoen say.

I’m wondering what will come next. Will Axelrod or Gibbs throw President Obama under the bus? Maybe Jay Carney will see the light. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. President Obama has ripped his britches, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person at a better time.

The voters have rejected Socialism in Spain.

Russia rejected Communism in 1989.

There is hope that the parasites in the United States will be ruined politically. OWS is not an overwhelming success.

It looks like the Marxists are on the run.


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