Un Occupy


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 17–

I normally write articles for Newsvine and my blogspot web site. Due to an Un Occupy movement, my articles will appear exclusively on blogspot. Perhaps this is a good experience, because I could be forced to write for blogspot exclusively.

I have found that it is difficult to comment on my blogspot articles. You are required to sign in, to do so. I use my google account to sign in. In order to do that you must first create a google account. Then, when you sign in to blogspot, uncheck the “keep me signed” box, or it won’t work.

When I publish an article on blogspot, I publish the same article on Facebook, and Twitter. I’m Wolfie Wolf with the avatar above on Facebook. I’m Wolf_Wolfman on Twitter.

I may start writing about some new fictional characters. Biler is one of them. Biler bans people. If they are Marxists, he goes easy on them. If they are Conservatives, Christians or capitalists, he can lower the hammer on them.

Then there’s twpenny, don’t tug on superman’s cape, lover of OWS, and anything Obama or Democrat.

Barlost is a big time blogger. He’s a loyal Liberal. Anything liberal is honey in his comb.

Lads Cat will become more familiar, and will be mentioned from time to time. Lads Cat comments frequently on conservative articles and seeds.

Everyone knows Driftwood. Driftwood is the Ann Coulter of the Internet.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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