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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 13 –

President Obama, “The price of electricity is going to skyrocket” Video

The United States is in the process of shutting down coal fired power plants. I don’t hear much dissent. The citizens appear to be going along with the program. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince people not to vote for President Obama in 2012.

President Obama is a Marxist.

President Obama was at the mercy of the economy in the destruction of the housing industry. So, he had an excuse.

President Obama is a willing participant in the AGW [1] scheme, which Canada recently dismissed. He was, and is not, a victim of circumstances. He openly and willingly participated in harming our country in defiance of the citizen’s preferences.

He pushed green energy, when Spain obviously failed at trying to adapt green energy.

He fiddles, while coal fired power plants burn!


[1] Anthropologic Global Warming


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