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It is no secret, what God can do

The old rugged cross

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 9 –

Yesterday was an unusual day in my life.

We picked up our new Dodge Journey, which was filled with surprises. It is an electronic miracle! It is keyless and the controls are electronic. The first thing we had to do was learn how to start it. It was necessary to have the fob [1] on your person, step on the brake pedal, and then hit the start button.

My wife was too warm, and the touch screen said the onboard temperature was 74 degrees, and the outside temperature was 31 degrees. Well, we finally succeeded in turning the heat from blowing in her face, to directing the heat to the area around her feet. There’s a touch screen, which we used to accomplish that.

We wanted to open the lift gate, but there was no visible lift handle. I did a search on the computer, and found out that there is a liftgate “button” concealed above the license plate under the recessed license plate lights.

So much for the “Journey” for now.

I looked out the window, and what did I see? The cross that I have seen unlit for eight months, was lit. I got my camera, and tried to take a picture, but the flash went off, and ruined the picture. I succeeded in getting the flash turned off, and got the picture on display here. It may not mean much to you, but oh what it means to me. I get emotional over very simple things.

My hope is that it will bring some pleasure into your life.

In God We Trust

[1] Small electronic device, which is hand held, and you carry in your pocket like a set of keys.


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