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Obama Lied, Death Panels Will Decide, Who Will Live and Who Will Die
What if I told you that members from Obama's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are currently meeting with Doctors from around the country, behind closed doors right now and discussing that when Obamacare kicks in, there will be panels that will decide how much money will be spent on you and what care you may or may not receive, if you should have a stroke or aneurysm or any debilitating accident or ailment, and if you are a certain age, (say 70), they will determine if you are worth the cost of rehabilitation or if it would be more cost affective by putting you in a bed with a feeding tube and calling it "Comfort Care" until you die. And what if I told you that if you were one of these people, you would not be referred to as a patient, you would be called a "Unit"? I would guess you might be slightly concerned, right?
Do you remember once upon a time, when Obama was pushing his massive, government run Obamacare and Sarah Palin and others dared to say that there would be Death Panels that would determine the value of your life or chose what care you or your loved ones would or would not receive, if something bad happened to them, say like a heart attack or stroke? Well, On The Mark Levin show Tuesday Nov 22, 2011, a Neurosurgeon from Chicago called in, and explained how he and other doctors just came from a meeting with members of HHS, where they discussed how in the very near future, there will be "Ethics Panels" that will meet and review a "Unit's" case and deem your worthiness or value depending on age and then make that life or death decisions about a patient... I'm sorry, a "Unit"! That's not at all, dehumanizing! Welcome to Obamacare! It's everything we thought it would be and so much more! But I guess this will make me a fear monger also, oh well!
Yes, Obama's Advanced Neurosurgical Care has new guide lines, about where the money will be spent when Obamacare finally kicks in. And in the previsions, Neurological surgery will be rationed because of it's expense. In other words, if you are a certain age and you have a stroke or aneurysm that requires surgery, your life might not be worth especially if you are not a productive citizen... or Unit! The AANS (The American Association Of Neurosurgeon's) and CNS (The Congress Of Neurosurgeon's) have been notified that when Obamacare becomes active, there will be large cuts in medicines and care and Neurosurgery is one of the most expensive procedures right now. Which also makes you wonder, that last Friday, the FDA banned a last resort and successful cancer drug called Avastin used for aggressive stages of breast cancer, because they claimed it didn't work and had too many side effects, but will still be used on prostate cancer... and because it's very expensive! Was this a casualty of Obamacare also? Who knows, but I wouldn't believe anything that Obama or any his departments have to say!
So let's review....
When Obama said that Obamacare wouldn't make the price of the policy you have now, go up...He Lied!
When Obama said you could keep your own policy and Obamacare wouldn't affect the policy you have now...He Lied!
When Obama said Obamacare does not have death panels that will make decisions on what kind of care you will receive or if it's more cost effective to keep you alive or if you are worthy of living or dying.. He Lied!
When Obama said Obamacare would cut the deficit.... He Lied!
When Obama said he wasn't for a single payer option, but there was tape of him saying that he was.... He Lied!
And when Sarah Palin said there would be Death panels and rationing of heathcare under Obamacare, she was correct and has been Vindicated yet again! I'm sure she'll be thanked by all those on the left that have repeatedly called her a liar and evil! Ya know, those same people that still support Barack Obama!
SHOCK -- Brain surgeon confirms ObamaCare rations care, has death panels!
FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer


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