If | You Get to Vote in 2012

The Possibility is Real!

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, – January 21, 2012 –

I wrote an article about December 16, 2011 being a sad day:

That was the day NDAA 2012 passed Congress.

The article is here posted 12/16/2011 at 9:30 AM

I also had posted a seed: posted at 9:00 AM

I was suspended from Newvine because they said that the article should have been a seed. Well, it was a seed before the article was posted. I mention this to illustrate the resistance to ideas about NDAA 2012 being catastrophic.

I know that the video on this article will take time, but please take a look at the videos listed in the right frame also. This is important enough to spend time on.

We are in danger of being subjected to martial law!

If we are subjected to martial law, the radical in chief and his accomplices will remain in power!


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