Indiana Right-to-Work Bill Advances

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IN: Sep 4th Labor Walks in Indianapolis!-Flickr

President of the Indiana AFL-CIO, Ken Zeller on his way to the first stop!-Flickr

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There are 22 right to work states now. Indiana will probably be the 23rd right to work state. The state legislation has already passed the House, it will likely pass the Republican controlled Senate, and Mitch Daniels will probably sign the bill.

The super bowl is scheduled February 5th in Indianapolis. The publicity about the right to work law infers that workers deserve better:

    “As Indianapolis proudly prepares to host the Super Bowl it should be a time to shine in the national spotlight and highlight the hard-working families that make Indiana run instead of launching political attacks on their basic rights,” the NFLPA wrote in its Jan. 6 statement. “It is important to keep in mind the plight of the average Indiana worker and not let them get lost in the ceremony and spectacle of such a special event. This Super Bowl should be about celebrating the best of what Indianapolis has to offer, not about legislation that hurts the people of Indiana.”
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Workers aren’t the only source of economic benefits. People, who take risks, are also a source of economic benefits.

It takes two to tango!


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