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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 19, 2012 –

A Newsvine member was banned from Newsvine Wednesday January 18, 2012. When you click the link, a comment collapsed by the community comes up. Click on the + to open that comment. This is the comment that got the Newsvine member banned.

A Newsvine moderator banned the author of the collapsed article above.

The comment directly under the comment of the moderator is worth noting. There was an observer standing in the wings, and he outed himself. Out of over 1000 comments: There was one, and only one, comment by that person. My theory is: That person calls the shots on who gets banned on Newsvine.

Newsvine is free to do so. They can choose between maximizing ad revenue and being driven by ideology.

As a capitalist, I prefer maximizing revenue.


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