The State of the Union

C-Span: 2012 Republican Response from Gov. Mitch Daniels

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 25, 2012 –

C-Span is to be commended for making the posted video available.

President Obama presented this speech in his usual style, which is loud, and reminiscent of the old snake oil salesman.

A comparison of the content of the two speeches is vastly different. Here is a transcript of President Obama’s speech.

The following link is titled: Thoughts on Obama’s State of the Union Speech – Mitt Romney Responds It also contains videos by Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman, and Frank Luntz. The Frank Luntz video portrays dissatisfaction with President Obama by a bipartisan group.

President Obama said this in the speech: “With or without this Congress” The President of the United States should not eliminate Congress from governing this country.

Brit Hume mentioned that President Obama’s pet project was Obamacare, but Obamacare was scarcely mentioned in this speech.

All is not well!


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