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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 23 –

This article was posted here on January 22, 2012. The idea was: There is a possibility that you may not get to vote in November of 2012. I did not see a denial of that possibility. The Left made their usual comments. However, there was not a single Leftist, who denied that martial law was a possibility. Nor, was there any concern by Leftists that their liberty was subject to NDAA 2012. [1] The efforts of our founders have been trashed. The colonists threw off the ideas of King George III, and they died to do it. Their efforts have come to naught.

The Senate passed NDAA 2012 with a large majority,  the House passed the NDAA 2012 with a large majority, and President Obama signed it. The Left and a large portion of the Right support the President and the legislators.

A modern day King George III, and lawmakers, have returned.


[1} National Defense Authorization Act 2012, passed December 16, 2011, which enables martial law and indefinite detention of citizens in the US, without a trial.


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