The Worst President in Over 70 Years

The Worst President in Over 70 Years

Obama crotch don't love it

The idea that Obama is adored, has turned into the idea that Obama is what he has demonstrated. The Reid, Pelosi, and Schumer sound bites have been rejected. The false picture created by the media has been outed. The cover for Obama and the Democrats has been blown off.

Quinnipiac was the first to conduct a poll, which resulted in Obama being found to be a bad president. Then Zogby conducted a poll with similar results.


Poll after poll has charted President Obama’s dipping approval rating in recent months, but Wednesday brought perhaps the cruelest cut to date: A new Quinnipiac University survey found that voters rate Mr. Obama as the country’s worst president since World War II.

A Zogby Analytics Poll released Wednesday also found Mr. Obama slipping — in that survey, to 44 percent approval, while his disapproval jumped 4 percentage points from last month to reach 54 percent.

Nearly half of voters told the Zogby poll that Mr. Obama is “unable to lead the country.”



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